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The most important life skill developed through our hands-on project component, Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE), allows students to increase social relations, character development, increasing responsibility, building confidence and understanding sportsmanship. Because social relations are learned and aid in the development of our students, they are considered a life skill. Character development is a close second to social development as the most important benefit of competitive livestock exhibition. Responsibility is identified as being developed through the attention, time and care of the livestock project requires. Confidence is instilled in kids because they see that they can take care of an animal. Sportsmanship developed though livestock showing because it is competitive in nature. Exposure to loss at an early age helps prepare youth for similar situations that will happen in life. The participants perceived these meanings as a builder of character, which is an essential life skill.


SAE Livestock Application 2019 - 20 Alex Flores 8/24/2019 400 KB
SAE Agreement 2019 - 20 Alex Flores 8/23/2019 148 KB
Release of Liability 2019 - 2020 Alex Flores 8/23/2019 77 KB
Strike Notice 2019 - 20 Alex Flores 8/23/2019 303 KB
Termination Report 2019 - 20 Alex Flores 8/23/2019 266 KB
Summer Ag Program Information 2019 Alex Flores 8/24/2019 164 KB
Ag Calendar 2017 - 18 Alex Flores 12/11/2019 200 KB
Ag Calendar 2018 - 19 Alex Flores 12/11/2019 239 KB
USDA Project Loan Fact Sheet Alex Flores 1/10/2020 90 KB
USDA Project Loan Application Alex Flores 1/10/2020 254 KB
USDA Project Loan Consent Form Alex Flores 1/10/2020 112 KB
USDA Project Loan Direct Deposit Form Alex Flores 1/10/2020 148 KB
Buyer Letter Info Packet Alex Flores 1/10/2020 296 KB
Buyer Letter Format Alex Flores 1/10/2020 160 KB
Buyer Flyer Format Alex Flores 1/10/2020 394 KB
Ventura County Fair DNA Packet Info Alex Flores 1/14/2020 327 KB



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